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Arlington Cemetery Tour

Arlington National Cemetery Tour and sightseeing

Arlington National Cemetery Tour includes a journey through the Ford’s theater were President Abraham Lincoln was shot and the Peterson House. We will take you to see the F.B.I. Building, Department of Justice, and other sights like the Old Post Office. Here stands a 315 foot clock tower which ranks the building the third-highest building in DC. Giving visitors the second highest view, the Washington Monument is the first.


The Arlington National Cemetery which used to be the home Robert E. Lee before he fled to Richmond after quitting the U.S. Army waiting the secession of Virginia. Union forces overtook the grounds and by the end of the war it was being converted into a cemetery. There is a view of the Pentagon Memorial a 2 acre site honoring those whose lives were lost on September 11, 2001 during the attack on the Pentagon when American Airlines Flight 77 hit the national building.


West side of the Pentagon Reservation the area flourishes with 85 maple trees and 184 benches with reflecting pools that face the South. Each bench is engraved with the age and name of one victim. There is also a wall bearing all the names that grows in relation to the ages. Showing onlookers the youngest life lost was three and the oldest was 71.


You can see the tomb of the unknown soldiers who were bestowed the Medal of Honor being guarded by a soldier. There is a Changing of The Guard ceremony performed every hour to every half hour according on season, where soldiers trade off watching over the site. It is to show that the unknown will be guarded and thanked for their services for all eternity; they will be protected from all forms of harm.

The Arlington Cemetery is a place of honor for military veterans soldiers of high rank of any branch Army, Navy, Marine and Air force. The cemetery also honor high officials like Secretary of defense, Secretary of state, Supreme court justice, Vice Presidents and Presidents.

The Air Force Memorial will be seen as well to honor those who have served in the United States Air Force. There are many different popular sites along this tour where you get to experience the actual ceremony of the changing of the guards as they protect the tomb of the unknown soldiers. From there you will visit the Pentagon, Air Force and the Iwo Jima Memorial; altogether this tour is about a four hour journey.




1.) Ford’s Theatre Peterson House (Where Lincoln Died)

2.) Pentagon Memorial

3.) Air Force Memorial

4.) Iwo Jima Memorial

5.) Arlington Cemetery – JFK Grave site- Changing of the guards.


Departure: 9:00am to 1:00pm

Tour Lasts 4 Hours

Date: Hotel: Cell phone

Adults $50

Children $40 (3-11)