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Congressional Tour


Our congressional tour has Washington monument tickets included it’s #1 among our day tours because of the attraction it covers. The tour will stop at the United States Capitol along the way it is one of the most majestic sites among the monuments and memorials a grand symbol. Home of the Senate and House of Representatives for over two centuries. The view from the Capitol building displays the dazzling Reflecting Pool and many other Capital appeals that are visited during this tour like the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Washington Monument Tickets

You also get a chance to glimpse The White House, otherwise known as the home of the presidents dating back all the way to the 1800s. It was burned in the 1814s during James Madison’s presidency, but was later restored in the 1817s by James Monroe. Another stop is at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing where the nation’s paper money is created. The interesting thing about this building is that even with the advancement in technology master money-makers are still using the original tools like a burnished, graver and a hand-held glass.


The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which can also be seen on this tour, is one of the most-loved monuments in Washington with over 58,000 names of brave soldiers who never returned home imprinted on the polished stone. A tradition has come about since the building of this wall, some people leave offerings at the base of the stone and many others bring a blank paper and pencil to capture a rubbing of their loved ones engraved name. This monument can move you whether or not you know someone among the engravings; simply being in front of all the names of those who were unable to return home or those who have gone missing is heart-wrenching.


Washington Monument Tours Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Memorial is beside the Jefferson Memorial both of which will be seen on the tour. FDR is portrayed riding in a car and sitting beside his dog, Fala. His memorial is estimated at a total 7.5 acre long memorial depicting him in a multitude of setting that are well-suited for photo ops. Tourists enjoy taking pictures with the figures, especially in the sculpture “Breadline,” that emanates the mood throughout the country during the Great Depression.

Washington DC Guided Tours are splendid ways to connect with the founders of this beautiful country the United States of America. There are great times in the history of our culture represented in many different forms and monuments all over this vast city. We want you to experience the World War II Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, and all the other great shrines of our Capital city.

Lasting about 6 hours from start to finish this all day tour is a must see for all ages. It may seem long. But it is full of our valuable history of the United States. It comes with Washington Monument tour tickets and Bureau of Engraving and Printing tickets, with a lunch break to make the ride as relaxing as possible.







1.) The White House
2.) U.S. Capitol
3.) FDR Memorial
4.) Jefferson Memorial
5.) World War II Memorial
6.) Lincoln Memorial
7) Vietnam Memorial
8) Korean War Memorial
9.)Washington Monument (tickets included in the package)
10.)Bureau of Engraving and Printing (tickets included in the package)


Departure: 10:00am to 4:00pm

Tour Lasts 6 Hours

Date: Hotel: Cell phone

Adults $80

Children $70 (3-11)