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Four Must Explorable Places In Washington D.C. During Night

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Four Must Explorable Places In Washington D.C. During Night

Once the sun goes down, Washington DC turns into a completely different city  and a city worth exploring.  The city is filled with wonderful places that are best explored at night. Whether you are a traveler who doesn’t wish the typical tourist experience or a D.C. resident acquainted with city’s night life scene, you will definitely appreciate these 4 cool attractions during your Washington DC night tours. So, let’s check them out:

National Mall:
Don’t dare to roll your eyeballs! Much more than just a tourist friendly area, the National Mall come alive, especially during night. The National Mall is the best place to visit if you love late-night run or bike riding. It’s open 24 hours a day and the best thing is it is free of cost. Even if you are simply searching for an open area to chill out after heavy sightseeing, the National Mall should be your first preference. Also don’t forget to explore how clutch the region was throughout the government shutdown.
National MallThe Monuments:
Apart from its calm & wide open space, the National Mall is also home to the memorials and monuments honoring the celebrated history of the US. It is a chance to admire the history, even at late night when the museums are closed. A must see at night is obviously the Washington Monument, which isn’t possible to miss because of its elevation. Placed across the Washington Monument is the Lincoln Memorial, and pointing each other directly over the Tidal Basin are the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and Jefferson Memorial. Seeing these statues at night is a delightful experience itself.
The Monuments Georgetown Waterfront Park:
This Park takes travelers off the beaten path a bit, offering skaters, night-run addicts and cyclists 10-acres of wide space to navigate, untroubled by vehicles. Furthermore, it offers serene vistas of the Key Bridge and the Potomac River, which can be relished while resting on granite slabs that rest all along the trail. You can also sit on traditional benches, or lay in the green grass if you want to get involved with the Mother Nature from very close. It is certainly a mental and physical gateway from the hustles and bustles of the city.
Georgetown Waterfront ParkArlington National Cemetery:
Your Washington D.C. vacation wouldn’t be complete without paying a trip to the Arlington National Cemetery. Extended over six-hundred acres of rolling hills & picturesque gardens, this monumental landmark is about four times the dimension of the National Mall and provide an exceptional tour service for travelers looking to explore the whole property within a limited amount of time. Daily trips start at the Welcome Center. A 45 minute loop offers travelers the opportunity to   discover a range of crucial points of attraction. And at night the Arlington National Cemetery comes   alive with its breathtaking views.
Arlington National CemeteryDo you want to make the most of your night tours in Washington DC? Contact Sky Blue Tours to customize a night tour in Washington that best fit your budget and time.

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