An Informative Travel Guide To Explore Washington DC - Washington DC Bus Tours
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An Informative Travel Guide To Explore Washington DC

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An Informative Travel Guide To Explore Washington DC

Introducing Washington DC: –

Washington DC, the US capital boasts iconic monuments, vast arrays of museums and corridors of power where demagogues and visionaries roam around. With handful newest attractions and the excitement of the upcoming Presidential election, there are so many sights that will entertain and appeal your family for sure!

Best Reasons To Visit In Washington DC: –
Museums: –

The city of Washington DC is home to 11 out of the 19 Smithsonian Museums, including National Air and Space Museum, Museum of National History, National Museum of American History and more. The best fact about them is that the admission is free! Besides, the exhibitions you will get there are world class. Hence, it will be best for you to plan out Washington DC sightseeing tours this holiday so that you’ll have wonderful experiences with family or friends!

Getting Around: –

The city of Washington DC itself is huge; so that you can enjoy Washington DC guided tours during day time and night. Going on sightseeing tours in Washington DC can be phenomenal; if you’ll cover Georgetown, National Cathedral, Scottish Rite Temple, White House, Spy Museum, Ford’s Theatre, US Capitol Union Station, Chinatown and more sights.

Georgetown: –

Georgetown offers a perfect reason to visit Washington DC! This is a small university town; which offers a fresh breath of air outside of the hustle and bustle of city lifestyle. This sight offers splendid views of Potomac River and shops; while strolling around Georgetown on Washington DC night tours. If you love adventure, don’t forget to enjoy kayaking or boating from the Key Bridge Boathouse and paddle along the river!

When To Go: –

Summer or spring are the best time to take Washington DC sightseeing tours. In fact, the Cherry Blossom Festival commences in the Spring and creates a mini high season and comes with multitude array of things to see and do while you’re in Washington DC.

When it comes to summer, it’s quite hot! If you want to travel during summer, you can stay in a hotel with a swimming pool so that you can be able to enjoy seeing the sights with less amount of heat!

Things You Can’t Miss Out: –

  • Taking a view from the top of the Washington Monument on Washington DC night tours at nighttime.
  • Visiting the magnificent Lincoln Memorial
  • Seeing how the White House looks like in reality
  • Strolling down Embassy Row

Conclusion: –

Are you interested in booking a trip to Washington DC? Book packages for Washington DC guided tours with Sky Blue Tours and enjoy experiencing what the American city has on offer! For our special deals on Washington sightseeing tours, feel free to contact us online or call us at (202) 657-6100!

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