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Presidential Tour

Washington DC Bus Tours

Our Washington DC bus tours will take you around the U.S. Capitol, White House, World War II Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial and much more. On the trip to the U.S. Capitol you will see Union Station which was once the world’s largest train station. With the decline of train use and the increase of air travel Union Station began to deteriorate. Then in 1981, Congress made the move to refurbish the building with gleaming marble and all the old decorative elements of the station were cleaned, repaired and restored.


You will have the chance to view the Senate and House Office Buildings, even the Native American Indian Museum. The Smithsonian added a new branch dedicated to the Native American cultural history in 2004. The museum is known for the Misitam cafe, with authentic Native American foods and specialties such as fry bread.


The White House with the National Gallery of Art and Archives is viewed on the presidential tour as well. There is a U.S. Navy Memorial it is a circular park that has a sea map of the world which is enclosed by two tall buildings. The gorgeously designed memorial is eye-catching with its pools and fountains and an alluring statue of the Lone Soldier which represents every individual who has ever served in the Navy or other services of the sea.


World War II Memorial that resides next to the Washington Monument and Tidal Basin can be observed as well. The difference between this guided tour and the Congressional one is that you have a chance to see a different arrangement of sites like the Holocaust Memorial.


Several other memorials are visited throughout this tour many dedicated to the Vietnam heroes. This tour is estimated to be around 3 hours long, also known as the half day tour. There are six stops in the downtown DC area around the national mall, no tickets are necessary to view. The tour drops off around lunch time with another run later on as a night tour. Both tours are narrated by the tour guide driver.



1.) White House
2.) U.S. Capitol
3.) FDR Memorial
4.) Jefferson Memorial
5.) World War II Memorial
6.) Lincoln Memorial
7) Vietnam Memorial
8) Korean War Memorial


Day Tour

Departure: 9:00am to 12:00pm


Night Tour

Departure: 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Tour Lasts 3 Hours

Date: Hotel: Cell phone

Adults $45

Children $35 (3-11)