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DC Private Tours

Washington DC Private Tours

Private narrated tours are designed for you and your family, instead of learning about Washington DC’s history with a bunch of other travelers you will get a one on one learning experience. You will be able to pick the attractions you want to see instead of sticking to the Washington DC private Tours guides choices. Of course, your driver will be your tour guide and more informative than the other tour guides. It will just be them explaining things in a more serene environment.

The choice of the ride in which you take one of our tours is completely up to you based on what you prefer. Say you find an attraction that you would like to get out and explore, spend more time learning about, with this option you can take all the time in the world to check out an area of interest to you.

Professional Washington DC private Tours Guides

Our tour guides and drivers are well-informed on all the historical attractions, and they will go at your own set pace. The driver is there to serve you and the other individuals in your party, they will focus on your areas of interest allowing you to enjoy the city of our Nation’s Capital as you see fit. Our Washington DC Private Tours are worth it if you are really excited to see certain monumental sites that are listed on other tours without the extras that come along with it.

You will be able to shop and have lunch as often as you like, through regular sightseeing tours it will be set in intervals of when you can do such things, but on your own private tour everything is completely left up to you and your party. We want you to experience the cultures and historical monuments that you want and be able to relax in one of our luxurious and well air-conditioned vehicles.

We can show you the Capital that you are most excited to see whether it’s the Native American museum at the Smithsonian or the monuments dedicated to our fallen heroes in the war or pentagon attack. All our Washington DC private Tour guides are highly-trained and have been given all the resources and information pertaining to your specific tour choices.

Accommodating your needs and giving you valuable information on the history of our country is the most essential part of our tours. It is important to know what our country was built on and how it was built. We get taught these things in school, but not to the extent where you feel connected with the past and can understand the true meaning behind these structures we have devoted to certain aspects of our history.

Scheduling Your DC Private Tours with Sky Blue Tours

We want you to come and experience the true meaning of our country and the way in which it was founded. From Presidential housing to respectfully created salutes to the fallen soldiers and victims who have died in an attempt to protect our country. Of course, looking at any past you will find horrific events, but we want to show you more than the sad times of our land. We want you to see for yourself how we choose to honor and rebuild ourselves for better.

These Washington DC private Tours are designed to educate you and that is our goal, bringing history back to life and with this tour option, there will be no time limit on what you can learn. You decide the times and the places you want to visit. Enjoy your personally designed flexible schedule and visit the places you deem most fitting. We provide you with the vehicle and English tour guide driver and you get to sit back and enjoy the life and history of our beloved Capital. For foreign to guide it is additional cost $60 per hour minimum 4 hours. English step on guides is $40 per hour minimum 4 hours. If you’re not sure which option to take you can always consult with our tour operators.


4 hours Town Car $336

3 pass Driver/Tour Guide

Date:Hotel:Cell Phone


4 hours SUV $580

7 pass Driver/Tour Guide

Date: Hotel: Cell phone


4 hours Passenger Van $480

10 pass Driver/Tour Guide

Date:Hotel:Cell Phone


4 hours Stretch Limousine $624

6 pass Driver/Tour Guide

Date: Hotel:Cellphone


4 hours Shuttle Bus $624 

24 pass Driver only

Date:Hotel:Cell Phone


4 hours Coach Bus $1,500

55 pass Driver and Tour Guide

Date: Hotel: Cell phone

washington dc points of interest

Step-on Guide/English

4 hours $40 per hour total $160

washington dc sites

Step-on Guide/Foreign Language 

4 hours $60 per hour total $240

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