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Top Things to See on a Washington, DC Private Tour


Top Things to See on a Washington, DC Private Tour

Are you on a holiday trip to Washington, DC? Do you want to make the most out of your vacation trip to Washington, DC? Visiting the Washington, DC on the eve of Christmas and New Year will help you encounter the best holiday events to enjoy the winter holiday season in a warm and enjoyable way. You can make the most out of your vacation by exploring the most significant and well-known sights like the memorials, museums and attractions. This will help you witness how the past, present and future of the United States comes to life.

Please have a look at the best attractions in Washington, DC that you can witness on a private tour:

1. Heart Warming Vietnam Veterans Memorial:
In the Washington, DC city, you will witness the memorial, which is a moving tribute to the Vietnam Veterans. This memorial honors the brave-hearts who have fought and died in Vietnam or lost/missing in action during the war. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is located next to the famous National Mall. This memorial contains two walls that are 246 feet long with the names of nearly 60,000 men and women (who gave their lives while serving for the country).

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

2. Stunning Washington Monument:
The Washington Monument is one of the most famous Washington, DC monuments that pays tribute to the nations’ first commander in chief- George Washington. This world renowned structure  is an obelisk-shaped memorial, which sits in the center of the National Mall (in between the US Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial). Made of marble, bluestone gneiss and granite, the Washington Monument is considered to be the world’s tallest stone structure and obelisk that stands tall at 555 feet. Your visit to Washington, DC will not complete without viewing this famous monument.

Stunning Washington Monument

3. Glorious Lincoln Memorial:
A view of the Lincoln Memorial will leave you mesmerized. This stunning memorial is dedicated to the memory and achievements of Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln Memorial is a neoclassical masterpiece structure, which is made of white stone and framed by 36 columns. This astonishingly beautiful memorial will give you the sight of the 19-foot tall statue of Abraham Lincoln (sitting in contemplation). Located at the west end of the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial features the inscriptions of the 16th President’s Second Inaugural Address- The Gettysburg Address (considered to be the most famous speech by Abraham Lincoln).

Glorious Lincoln Memorial

4. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial:
This memorial is dedicated to the memory of nations’ 32nd President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This memorial spans across 7 acres and is located in the West Potomac Park (along the tidal basin). The Roosevelt Memorial is a unique memorial that features four different outdoor rooms (each room representing one term of his four tenure in the office). At this memorial, you will come across the famous Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s quotes and statues as well as murals (that showcases events, which took place during his presidency).  This is the memorial, which is built to be wheelchair accessible.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

You can consider booking a fully narrated private Washington, DC tour from Sky Blue Tours that can be customized as per your requirement and budget. As a reputable tour operator, we will help you enjoy a learning, comfortable and enjoyable experience tour in Washington, DC. With our experienced tour guides, you will be able to get the right information about the top rated monuments or memorials. Whether you want a guided Washington, DC bus tour or private van tour, we will help you arrange a relaxing and comfortable trip.

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