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Washington DC Tour – 5 Unconventional Things To Do

National Monuments at Night

Washington DC Tour – 5 Unconventional Things To Do

Whenever you take a Washington DC private tour, you know you are in for so much history, museums and government buildings. You will obviously like to spend some quality time at the National Mall while exploring the monuments, strolling through the magnificent Smithsonian museums, maybe going on a guided tour of the U.S. Capitol Building.

But what about the unorthodox, non-touristy things to do in Washington DC. The things might not be eligible for the top things to do, but certainly add unique flare to your trip. To help here I come with top 5 unconventional things to do in DC.

The Brewery Scene:

Whenever you get some leisure from your regular monuments or historical places visit in the city, plan a trip to some of the finest breweries in Washington, DC. The city has relished a growing beer scene over the last few years and today you can discover abundance of fine breweries throughout the city including  Bluejacket BreweryCapital City Brewing and Atlas Brew Works
Discover The Local Food Scene:

things to do in washington dc

When it comes to food, Washington DC has a special place. There’re a great number of eateries opening daily that you may spoil for choices concerning which restaurant to go for.  You can also find a district of  high-standard Ethiopian eateries in the Adams Morgan neighborhood. In fact, in DC you can find foods of different countries without leaving the city. You can even join a food tour that covers nearly every renowned dinning areas all through the city from Old Town Alexandria, Little Ethiopia, US Street and all the way to Old Leesburg.

Exploring National Monuments at Night:

The mainstream of travelers tour the monuments throughout the day, when there’re heavy crowd, extreme heat and very little ambiance. However, exploring the monuments at night, you will find less crowd, nice cool breeze and the monuments are lit up all through the night, which will make your experience much more enjoyable.
National Monuments at Night

Eastern Market:

Washington DC’s original food & art market, Eastern Market is now in its 31st continuous years of service and still going strong. Placed in the center of the Capitol Hill vicinity, the Eastern Market features community events, fresh food, and during weekend, local farm produce and handcrafted arts & crafts that stretch into outdoor stalls and jam pack the province with lots of activities. It is such a fun place to enjoy a leisurely walk while exploring the local stuff and interacting with the locals.

Old Town Alexandria:

There’s a great deal of things to see & do in Old Town Alexandria. While a little remote from the hustle and bustle of downtown, it is certainly worth a trip. Here you will find dozens of shops, abundance sidewalk cafes and some fine restaurants. And at the end of the street is the Potomac River Harbor that is packed with boats and has incredible sights.

Old Town Alexandria

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